Manuscript on Interfacial Heat Transport Published in Nature Materials (April 22)

Mark’s work using novel transfer-printed Au/SAM/quartz structures to probe the affects of a single layer of chemical bonding on interfacial heat transport is published in Nature Materials Go!

North Carolina Science & Engineering Fair (March 24)

Mark judges the senior physics category at the North Carolina State Science Fair Competition Go!

Proposal submitted to NSF CBET
(February 17)

Mark and Greg Parsons are co-PIs on a proposal submitted to the Energy for Sustainability program

Solar Fuels: Science, Engineering, and Policy Conference (Jan 11–12)

RTSFI co-sponsors solar fuels conference at Duke University with the UNC EFRC Go!

Mark gives seminar at Carnegie Mellon (January 5)

Mark helps collaborators in the Malen group develop new interfacial processing technologies and presents a talk in the Mechanical Engineering Department on: “Interfacial Thermal Transport at Molecular Interfaces.”


MRS Fall Meeting (Nov. 28 – Dec. 2)

Mark attends symposium on Advanced Materials for Solar-Fuels Generation at MRS meeting in Boston, MA.

Article about “Surfactant-Enable Oxide MBE” is published in Nature Communications (September 6)

Mark is co-author on work developed during his Ph.D. thesis. Go!  See article here.

Paper about “3D Tungsten Inverse Opals” published in Chemistry of Materials (October 18)

Kevin Arpin publishes paper with Mark and Paul Braun as co-authors. Go!

Mark publishes paper about “Ordering of Phosphonic Acid SAMs on ITO” (August 24)

Paper summarizing NEXAFS results collected at Brookhaven is published in Langmuir. Go!

Exploring Your Options Summer Camp (July 14, 28)

Mark helps setup and present Materials Science demos to high school students as part of the EYO Camp.

Urbana Youth Soccer Season Ends (May 21)

The boys soccer team that Mark helps coach finishes its season with a tough loss in Tuscola.

Paper testing thermal transport in polymer brushes under high pressure published in PRB (May 19)

Wen-Pin Hsieh co-authors paper with Mark based on experiments they did measuring thermal transport through polymer brushes grown on SiC anvils capable of withstanding gigapascals of pressure. Go!

Research presented at the 2011 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco, CA (April 26)

Mark presents research on thermal transport through SAMs at MRS meeting.

Article about “Scaling Laws for High-Density Polymer Brushes” published in Langmuir (March 14)

Lionel Moh, a student Mark mentored during his undergraduate thesis work, publishes his first first-author paper in Langmuir. Go!

Soft Materials Seminar (February 15)

Mark again presents at the soft materials seminar at UIUC.

First Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium at the University of Illinois (January 20)

As an originator of UIUC’s Society of Postdoctoral Scholars, Mark helps coordinate the first Postdoctoral Research Symposium at UIUC.  At the symposium, it is announced that our efforts have motivated the university to establish a  Postdoctoral Affairs Office! Go!


Urbana Youth Soccer Season Ends (November 13)

The boys soccer team that Mark helps coach finishes its season with a loss, but all is made better when the whole team goes out for Pizza at Monical’s.

Paper about “Ferroelectric Fatigue of PZT Film on Copper” published in JACerS (November 11)

Mark publishes final paper based on M.S. Thesis in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Go!

Nanoscale Thermal Transport Seminar Series (Fall)

Mark is asked to organize the Nanoscale Thermal Transport Seminar Series at the University of Illinois.  This series is a forum to network various groups conducting research in heat transport at UIUC.

Postdoctoral Research Symposium at Argonne National Lab (September 8)

Mark presents a poster about his research at the ANL Postdoctoral Research Symposium.

Exploring Your Options Summer Camp (July 15, 29)

Mark helps setup and present Materials Science demos to high school students as part of the EYO Camp.

Paper about “Thermal Transport at Polymer/Si Interfaces” published in APL (July 9)

Mark publishes a paper examining interfacial thermal transport in spun-cast PMMA films and PMMA brushes grown on silicon substrates with and without a native oxide layer.  Go!

Mark Gets Married! (June 12)

Mark and Jess get married in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and leave on a 2 week honeymoon exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Paper about “MgO Growth on GaN” published in JMR (April 25)

Mark publishes a critical examination of adsorption-controlled MBE growth of MgO in the Journal of Materials Research. Go!

Soft Materials Seminar (February 23)

Mark is invited to present at the soft materials seminar at UIUC.

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