Welcome to the home page of the Losego Group in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.   The Losego group is a highly interdisciplinary research team at Georgia Tech exploring novel materials structures to advance fundamental materials physics for technologically relevant applications. Our research interests include understanding transport (electrical, thermal, mass) at organic-inorganic interfaces and using meso-/nano-structuring as a tool for enhancing functionality of materials. We contribute to a number of fields including: thermal sciences, plasmonics, electronic materials, nanoscience, & renewable energy technologies.

Recent News


The Losego Group is established at the Georgia Institute of Technology  (August 1)

Professor Losego moves to a tenure track position in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech.


Two papers published in PNAS jointly with collaborators at UNC on solar fuels  (November 25)

Collaborative work with colleagues at UNC has led to two publications in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The first describes > 4% solar water splitting efficiency from a molecular photo-electrochemical cell (Link to Paper).  The second describes improved attachment stability of molecular water oxidation catalysts at elevated pH, enabling a 106 enhancement in electrolyzer performance (Link to Paper).

Media outlets report on our thermophotovoltaics work (October 20)

Various news outlets report on our novel metallic photonic crystals capable of operating at extremely high temperatures to provide efficient thermophotovoltaic performance.  Here is a sampling of the articles:



Thermophotovoltaic work published in Nature Communications (October 16)

Collaborative work with colleagues at Illinois and Stanford is published in Nat. Commun. describing the fabrication and optical characterization of tungsten inverse opal structures capable of modified thermal emission at temperatures in excess of >1000°C Link to Paper

Two papers published on molecularly-driven solar fuels (September 30)

In the past month, we published two papers about our work to stabilize photoelectrochemical systems using molecular modifiers in aqueous environments.  Nano Letters and Nano Energy

REU Student Neal Lewis awarded “Best Materials Poster” at research symposium (July 31)

Neal Lewis, a Penn State undergraduate, worked with us as an REU student for the summer exploring ALD coated carbon electrodes for supercapacitor application.  His research proved award winning at the annual undergraduate student research symposium.

International Conference on New Advances in Materials Research for Solar Fuels (June 12-14)

Mark presents latest results based on collaborations between NC State and UNC to develop stable, molecularly functionalized photoelectrodes for solar water splitting See research summary here.

Mark give invited talk at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona Spain (June 7)

Mark gives an invited seminar on nanoscale heat transport at ICFO Here

North Carolina Science & Engineering Fair (March 16)

For the 2nd straight year Mark judges the senior physics category at the NC State Science & Engineering Fair.  Our winner from last year went on to win 3rd place at the Intel ISEF fair and then competed internationally in Taiwan.  Support your local science & Engineering fair today! Find a fair near you. | NC Fair

Two AIP Publications - Plasmonics in Al:ZnO Thin Films and Epitaxy of PZT on GaN (February)

Work in collaboration with Jon-Paul Maria’s group is published in Applied Physics Letters and the Journal of Applied Physics. Paper about Surface Plasmons in ZnO | Paper about PZT Epilayers Grown on GaN

Joint work with UNC chemistry on solar fuels is published in Chemistry of Materials (January 5)

Our work with Ken Hanson and Tom Meyer at UNC exploring the use of atomic layer deposition (ALD) to better attach molecular species to inorganic scaffolds for aqueous photoelectrochemical applications including solar water splitting is published in Chemistry of Materials. Paper


Our work was named one of the “5 Favorite” Ceramic Technology posts of 2012 (Dec. 31)

Our work on thermal transport at interfaces is highlighted as one of the best “super-sciency” stories covered by Ceramic Tech Today Here

Paper published giving heuristic approach to interpret picosecond acoustics at interfaces (Nov. 26)

Work with Greg Hohensee and David Cahill is published in Review of Scientific Instruments Paper

Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Ceramics Society (Nov. 14-17)

Mark participates and presents at the Solar Fuels Conference at SERMACS 2012

Planning meeting for new NSF I/UCRC: The Center for Dielectrics & Piezoelectrics (Nov. 1-2)

Mark joins other researchers from NCSU, Penn State, and industry to discuss the formation of a new joint center focused on dielectric and piezoelectric technologies for commercial applications.

Mark’s talk is highlighted at the 2012 American Vacuum Society Conference in Tampa, FL (Oct. 29)

Mark’s talk about nano-scale heat transfer is a symposium highlight. here and here

Cookout to celebrate the accomplishments of departing group members (July 28)

Summer REU student Erin Kuhl and M.S. student Catherine Lu are leaving the group.  Mark and his wife host a farewell cookout at their house.

Dr. Katarzyna Skorupska visits from Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin to discuss Solar Fuels  (July 25)

Katarzyna visits with our photoelectrochemistry group to discuss her work in silicon PECs and biological integrated water splitting systems.

Departmental seminar by Danielle Proffit from Argonne National Lab (hosted by Mark) (July 9)

Danielle presents her talk “Using Epitaxial Growth to Stabilize the Ionic Conductor d-Bi2O3” at a special Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering departmental seminar.

Various media outlets report on our research probing heat transport at the atomic-scale (May 12)

A press release from the University of Illinois (here) about our work on atomic-scale heat transfer is reported on by several media outlets including the hourly news report on National Public Radio (NPR).  Go!



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